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Last 2 Evenings...
Day One.
The rain was thundering down onto the roof of my hardtop, and visibility was low as I entered the the highway. My wipers didn't seem to be moving fast enough and puddles made my tires and steering wheel stop obeying me every once in a while. As I hydroplaned for almost an hour to my destination I looked around for my printout of directions. And of course, at that very moment, I entered a street with a power outage so I could not see anything. You ask why I didn't use the light in my car? It doesn't work. Somehow I managed to figure out where to turn.. and lo and behold, an accident blocking off the only street I know the directions from. The rain continued to pound my windsheild, police lights reflected off the raindrops making it harder to see and I had two choices. To either turn left or right. I made a choice and followed some drivers through a the detour. Some wrong turns and right turns later, I finally ended up making it to my dance practice.

A couple of hours later its time to return home. I am not looking forward to driving back, but waiting to go back home, change and have a warm cup of tea.  I call home to notify my family I'll be leaving when I'm  told the there is a crazy windstorm in our area but on the positive side, the rain has subsided. Perfect. We usually kept something very heavy in my car because it was so light and not very resistant to high winds. And of course, it wasn't in my car at that time. I drove home, somehow, as my car flew side to side, splashing through puddles, and slipping and sliding in between lanes and finally into my parking space at home, almost directly under one of our two massive trees, which deposited a large branch an inch away from my door as I was about to get out.

Day one Over. Day Two.

I had a dance at the aquarium. Something different, and was very much looking forward to it. We decided to make it a fun outing and my parents came with me. It had started snowing a few hours before and large flakes continued to fall very densly I noticed, as we slid down the steep hill from our house onto the main street. Being a typical backseat driver,  my usual nagging about driving faster was now pleas to drive slower. For some reason other drivers felt they were immortal. We drove below speed on the highway and our car went into snake mode a few times, switching between a few lanes, but we finally made it to our destination. Dark clouds loomed above, the snow had turned into tiny wet flakes and we cautiously walked to the door breathing a sigh of relief.
Formalities over, I did my first dance performance.----On a completely unrelated subject, I met a lovely dolphin who came to say hi and followed me as I walked and danced  ----
So anyway, during my second dance performance, My foot somehow located a lone piece of glass  without me knowing and stepped on it. I  managed to finish the performance and as I limped back to the car and sat down, I dreaded the drive home. The weather had improved. There were periodic bursts of light snowfall but still, the roads were slick, and drivers continued to drive maniacally but thank God we made back to our city. We grabbed a bite to eat, laughed, enjoyed and went home. I changed out of my costume, made tea, watched some Office episodes with my brother and then sat in my room, on my laptop and shared my story....

Life is exciting and beautiful and Everyday is a new adventure..  
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