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If people could hear the five seconds after we hit "end" on a call, we would all have no friends

Hello Wonderful People!
Time to plug in, use a little more creativity and imagination, get those synapses working -  learn more.

I suppose this is somewhat of an online journal. I'll share as I please, perhaps look back one day and laugh, or have a 'what was I thinking' moment.

Anyhow here's a quick update
We had a lovely thunderstorm the other day, lasted most of the evening and we all sat outside and watched, ran into the pouring rain a few times, acted an age we wish we could go back to. Poor Kitty though, he ran behind the sofa every time there was thunder. The pictures by the way are not of the actual storm, haha, I just like them!

...And Coming up: METEOR SHOWER! THIS WEEKEND!  ooo I'm so excited, the biggest meteor shower of the year. Fingers crossed for clear skies.

Umm...that's all. Haha,  have a lovely day!

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