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You Are Lucky!

The world is magnificent. Enormous.

...But compared to the universe, it is but a spec.

  • We live on planet Earth which is part of our local Solar System.
  • Our Solar System includes the Sun and everything that orbits the Sun.
  • Our Sun, is just one Star in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • The Milky Way Galaxy is just one Galaxy in the Universe.
    How many stars does the Milky Way Galaxy hold?
    • Estimated 300 BILLION stars in only THIS Galaxy. The sun is but ONE of the stars
    Ok wow, fine, huge number. But now think about this. The universe has (NASA research and Hubble Space telescope observation based)
    •  more than 176 billion galaxies that exist in the entire Universe!!!!!!!!!!
    Just take a moment, read that again....digest.

    We live on a rock, floating in the middle of somewhere. Those tiny sparkly dots you see in the sky are gigantic floating rocks as well, some thousands of times bigger than the earth or moon or sun.

    Coming back to us.....

    Be thankful. Do what your soul wants not what your mind pleases. Leave Ego and Pride behind. Be loyal and faithful. Be honest and true. Be YOU. The earth is an amazing place. We have but a few moments on it and we are incredibly lucky to be here. This may be the heaven 'they' speak of. Say what you feel, love who you want, help those who need it, and smile always. We are so incredibly lucky to be in the place we are today.

    Difficulties are given to everyone, in different extremes. We are tested daily, throughout our lives. That is a part of life, however you interpret it.

    Take a moment to think.

    You live. 

    On a Rock

    That Floats

    In the sky

    And is only one...of a billion

    Just think of the magnitude of the universe. 

    We are part of it for a very short while.

    Be amazed

    Be thankful

    You are very lucky to be here!

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