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By day each soul must walk within its shadow.
Only night can make us whole again...


Ye duniya mohabbat ki dushman ho gayi hai,
Mohabbat ab dosto kitabo me rahgayi hai,
Wo din beet gaye jab log pyar me jan diya karte
Ab to husan ki pyasi duniya rah gayi hai,
Koi nahi sunta kisi ke dil ki sada,
Sabko dilon se khelne ki aadat si ho gayi hai..


They quietly embrace the parched earth;
Those deceiving tears from the skies.
They feign to rapture wounded souls,
But they only veil weeping eyes



Glimmering Pearls on display
before they quietly ebb away


........In the rain the pavement shines like silver, all the lights are misty in the river.......


A fire burns in the sky
             as the waves ebb and flow;
                           a lonley soul wanders the earth
                                               looking for a place to go..
zahra habib


A stranger with a devils soul
Presented himself to me
Merely a few days ago
He was my only family


A world within a world. Darkness and Light. Burning with a fire of myriad stars, the sun- a refuge for our souls- Giving the deceitful mystical appearance of being angelic and beautiful while masking lifeless and cold, evil and jealous, selfish and unkind beings. This is the world--As we absorb the warmth of the glowing sun, we feel a false sense of comfort, of happiness. It conceals our true being, our filth. Tanning on rooftops, volleyball on beaches, popsicles and watermelon staining our t-shirts--all fulfilling our egocentric needs; offering solace and gratification - as we roll down bright green hills and run through cold waterparks on humid days, our life appears complete, without fear or stress. We think not of our wrongs and our evil ways. It is a selfish man's delight

--And as the light turns to dark, as the earth turns a dull grey, and as the air is overcome with a chill, our sorrows return--as pant cuffs become damp while running for shelter and umbrellas are dug out from under the seats, we are overcome by angst, depression and a dull ache resonates throughout our inner being. We fault the icy breeze and liquid silver drops yet it is the condition of our own soul that taunts us, of our own mind that knows and of our own heart that beats an indistinctly guarded beat. Our sorrows, pain and despondency are carried by these rains, and as it beats on rooftops and city streets and bounces of trees and thuds onto soil, our truth is brought upon us and we frantically seek the sun for verity of our character--to ascertain that the essence of our being is noble and true.  False.  We are neither.   As time fleets away, our need for the warmth increases, and we come to despise the endless rainfalls. With each passing day, our hopes, our dreams, are seemingly carried by the rays of the sun and washed away by the rains. Our foolish mind knows not the truth.

The light is in the rain and darkness is in the sun..and everything else is nothing...

Copyright Zahra Habib


I entrusted to God my broken heart;
Last night, while gray clouds softly wept.
My soul felt a soothing whisper of love, as
He gave me peace and my pain He kept.



Rain Pictures, Images and Photos
a soft warm breeze and

the curious sweetness before 

I hear the sound of liquid silver drops

beating on the rooftops.


A sweet warm rain
Falls gently
Over us
as we walk
in hidden paths
 away from the world.
Small caf├ęs
invite us in
To glowing candlelite
and scintillating scents
Just you
and I
and the rain


A fire burns in the sky

As the waves ebb and flow
A lonley soul wanders the earth
Looking for a place to go

I know not why
It weeps in longing pain
For I simply wait
to be hidden in the rain



Hide me in your heavens

“Oh soul,

you worry too much.

You have seen your own strength.

You have seen your own beauty.

You have seen your golden wings.

Of anything less,

why do you worry?

You are in truth

the soul, of the soul, of the soul.”


The seafarer
is carried into
the abyss-
His Tears
by  whispering
to possess
his soul



surrender to the beauty of rain


The Clouds Cry Tears of Sorrow
Drenching the Land with Unwanted Wisdom
Daunting bewildered minds in their presence
Rousing Weary Hearts with their Whispers
Seeping into the Depths of all Eternal Souls


Secret Serenade

A breeze kissed my lips.

Caressed my body

To my fingertips.

Whispered sweet fancies

In my ear,

Broken words,

I could not hear.

It tickled my cheek,

caressed my eyes;

Teased with a glimpse

Of paradise.

Indulging my senses,

Overpowering the skies,

Drawing me in,

It wickedly glides.

A bewitching trance

Possesses me whole,

The alluring chant

Has captured my soul.




It was our final farewell
On a dismal winters eve
I had stood in the distance
And wept as I saw you leave
You had glanced back for a moment-As a tears escaped your eyes-Piercing the aching silence-With our unspoken goodbyes

Now again I stand alone
Seeing you ill and unraveled
Voiceless thoughts still linger
On this road we had once traveled.
Finally you speak, with a shuddering breath -The words you had longed to say
Then as the last leaf of a barren tree
You slowly whisper away

Some of the Images and Videos on this site are not Original and not intended to be portrayed as being my own. They are great works of other artists which are borrowed from image/video sharing websites. If you happen to know the artist of a certain image or video here, please do get in touch so I can recognize their work. Thank you!