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Perseid Meteor Shower 2012

What an amazing, fantastic and beautiful world we live in! Watched a couple of hours of the meteor shower. Mind you I didn't have to leave my house, our alley way in the back is a perfect viewing spot, no trees in the way and completely dark. My mum, brother and I, and our kitty Saaya who hates being alone, lay on the ground over a blanket and lots of pillows, looked up and saw a fantastic show of bright meteors flying across the sky. Midnight to 2am, although 2am to dawn is the best viewing time. We saw almost 1 every 6-7 minutes. It was just magical. That being said I have to work tomorrow so goodnight to all, and if you do get a chance, check out the meteor shower tomorrow night, I will be up most of the night as I have a late workday on Monday. It's worth watching and comes only once a year... And please take a moment to reflect. Life is beautiful, given all the adversities we face, we still have so much more than many people in this world. Be thankful.
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